Prof. Dr. Mahdi Esfahani

Die Leitung der Stiftung hat Prof. Dr. Mahdi Esfahani inne.


01/10/2016 Berufung zum Assistenzprofessor für  Philosophie  an der Al-Mustafa Universität in Qom, Geschäftsführer der Al-Mustafa Institut (in Deutschland, Berlin)

1/7/2014-30/9/2016: Postdoc and research project: mystical and philosophical fundaments of Islamic ethics in Qur’an, Institute of Comparative Ethics Freie Universität Berlin, supervisor: Prof. Dr. Michael Bongardt.

27/3/2014: Ph.D. of Philosophy from Freie Universität Berlin, magna cum laude,(not published), Title: “Meaningfully Speakingof the Unlimitedness”.

07/01/2010-30/6/2013: Scholarship from Freie Universität Berlin(Elsa Neumann Stipendium)

10.2009:Ph. D. of Philosophy Iranian Institute of Philosophy1, Dissertation was described as Excellent, (Title: How we understand the names of God, a comparative study between pseudo-Dionysius Areopagiteand Ibn al-Arabi)

10.2006-04.2008:Research Stay at the Albert-Ludwig University of Freiburg under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Figal

1995 – 2006:Study and Research on Islamic Philosophical Mysticism, Djelveh Noor Institute2, Tehran, Focus:1) Islamic mysticism2) Islamic Philosophy

1993 – 2006:Research on Quran Interpretation, FocusMystical Interpretation, Djelveh Noor Institute, Tehran.

2001 – 2004: Master Student of Western Philosophy, Institute of Humanitiesand Cultural Studies3, Tehran, (Average Rate 17.81 from 20.00) (Title: “How We Understand Being in Parmenides and Logos in Heraclitus”)

1993 –2002: Study of Islamic Philosophy, Djelveh Noor Institute, Tehran,  Focus:1) Avicenna, 2) Mulla Sadra

1992 –2001: Study of Industrial Engineering, Technical Amirkabir University of Tehran

Forschungs- und Lehrerfahrungen

So. Se. 2015: Teaching in Freie Universität Berlin, Institute of Comparative Ethics, Topic: Nicomachean Ethics from Aristotle to modern Islamic world.

6.2013-Today:research Project:a short Philosophical mystical interpretation of Qur’an, an etymological Dictionary of Qur’anic rootsand a new Translation of Qur’anbased on etymological investigations in German language.

WI.SE.2011: Teaching in FU Berlin, faculty of Philosophy,Topic: Philosophy of Religious Language.

WI. SE.2010: Teaching in FU Berlin, faculty of Philosophy, Topic: Anthropology in Latin and Islamic Context.

WI.SE.2009: Teaching in FU Berlin, faculty of Philosophy, Topic: Original Questions in Philosophy of Religion.

Oct. 2009 –Today:Teaching in Iranian Cultural Center Berlin.

2007– 2008:Researcher: Textbook of Islamic Philosophy, Djelve-Noor Institute (Tehran).

2005 – 2008: Researcher:Interpretive Manual of Islamic mysticism, in Persian and Arabic, Djelve-Noor Institute (Tehran).

2003 –2007: Lecturer: Teaching of the Western and Islamic logic, philosophy, mysticism and Qur’an interpretation, Djelve-Noor Institute (Tehran).

2003 –2006: Teacher: Teaching of Islamic Studies, at high schoollevel(Tehran)

1995 –2006: Teacher: Teaching of Persian literature, athigh school level (Tehran)

1993 –2000: Education and Training Consultant, at high school level (Tehran)

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